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My engineering work…

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

As of May I’m very busy architecting & implementing cluster for Java Enterprise Edition on comodity hardware (mainly x86_32 based) for my engineering work – to obtain BEng title. Our subject is:
“Web service based on scalable and highly available J2EE application cluster”. We have team consisting of 4 persons in which I’m responsible for all kind of systems/hardware scaling/clusters/load balancing/databases/networking/tunning everything :) . What kind of portal we are creating is to be decided by developers (it will likely be some kind of Web 2.0 portal).
Rest of the team is dedicated to J2EE programming. We are mainly playing with technology.
Currently rock-solid base core cluster architecture looks like this:

Cluster architecture

We are utilizing:

  • Load balancers: Linux Virtual Servers with DirectRouting on CentOS5 (configured as a part of Redhat Cluster Suite)
  • Database: Oracle10g R2
  • Middleware: JBOSS 4.2.0 (EJB3) running in a cluster based on JGroups + Hibernate(JPA) + JBOSS Cache
  • Frontend: Apache2 webservers with Solaris Network Cache Accelerator and AJP proxy to JBOSS servers
  • Solaris Jumpstart to setup new systems really fast with our selfwritten application in PHP for maintaing systems.
  • NFS for providing static content for web servers from Oracle server (yay! dedicated NetApp would be great! ;) )
  • LDAP to synchronize admins accounts inside cluster.
  • SNMPv2(LVS,OSes,JBOSS,Oracle) to monitor everything with single (selfwritten) Java application which graphs everything in realtime.

As this is basic configuration with database as an single point of failure, in Septemer I’m going to setup DataGuard for Oracle. Also I’m testing more advanced scale up. Currently I’m in process of setting up Solaris Cluster with Oracle RAC 10gR2 implemented on iSCSI storage provided by third node based on Solaris Nevada with iSCSI target to test Transparent Application Failover. I’ve been scratching my head over this one for awhile now. Yeah, it is real hardcore… more over that’s not the end of the story – Disaster Recovery with some other interesting bits of technology is going to be implemented later on… all on x86_32 comodity hardware :) Also we are going to put C-JDBC(Sequoia project) under stress…