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The dangers of ‘new’ backup systems (Are they really backups in full spectrum?)

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Traditionally one was always using word ‘backup’ to describe a process of copying information into secure place or providing capability of restoration from every kind of scenario. That’s the theory. In recent years a lot of vendors come with different solutions more or less related to the concept of snapshots and utilizing hard disk drives. What’s worrying the marketing push from the vendors is more and more aggressive with ‘backup appliances’, but tapes actually had a great feature that seems to be widely ignored – they had possibility of being ‘offline’. Now ask yourself how many times did you see WORM implemented on Netapp(via SnapLock), Data Domain, NFS location, BCV, etc ? How many times you are observing process of sending your disk drives from data center to data bunkers with new appliances?

So how many IT administrators are need to shut down the whole company? The answer is 1 (“one”) and in this scenario snapshots, snapshots replication, on-line data replication, DR systems, backups to NFSv3, clones and everything else that is out there – if they are not properly secured by WORM-kind of protection are not backups in traditional sense. Now go and fight with whole storage sales industry! :)

It has already happened for one company (Distribute I.T .Pty Ltd.), and certainly it is going to happen for a lot more of them. Good luck.