Long remote Oracle/SQLNet connection times due to the IPv6 enabled on RHEL 5.x

On one of my RAC clusters in lab i’ve noticed that it took sometimes up to 5-15 seconds in order to connect to Oracle database instead of maximum 1s. It was happening on some old VMs back from 2008. The root-cause analysis showed that each RAC node was doing DNS search for it’s own name, which was something i wouldn’t expect normally. Paying attenting to the details showed that Oracle RDBMS was performing DNS on it’s own server name , but not for A DNS entry, but for AAAA (IPv6). Yes libc (DNS resolver) was asking REMOTE DNS SERVERS for it’s own server name – but in IPv6 format (AAAA) – because it couldn’t find the required info via /etc/hosts. This is going to happen even with NETWORING_IPV6=OFF in /etc/sysconfig/network.

The solution was pretty easy after estabilishing the root casue. Just ensure that:

  • all RAC nodes are in /etc/hosts
  • all RAC nodes . are in /etc/hosts
  • that resolv.conf provides at least 2-3 DNS servers that are reachable within max 50ms (check each one with dig(1)). resolv.conf can have options to perform round robin accross those. [my enviorniment was affected by this]
  • you have disabled IPv4 via NETWORKING_IPV6
  • you have aliased IPv6 to “off” in kernel modules to completley disable ipv6 kernel functionality, this in turn also disables any libc IPv6 action [my enviorniment was affected by this, just add "alias net-pf-10 off" to the modprobe.conf]
  • lsmod does NOT displays ipv6 (kernel module is not loaded)

Of course as you can see I wouldn’t be affected by this one if the DNS name server wouldn’t misconfigured in the first place (my lab in 2008 looked differently than it looks now).

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