I’m IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert now…

This is going to be a rather short blog post. On 17th of Dec last year (2010) I’ve passed all of the pre-requisites (5 other IBM certificates) for being “IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert – Power Systems with AIX” (the highest [master level] credential for people working with & designing solutions with AIX, VIOS, PowerHA/HACMP, PowerVM, (D)LPARs, Linux on Power, etc)).


The story is rather boring and there are only two lessons:
1) you won’t pass the required tests/certifications if don’t know this stuff deeply (each technology like PowerVM, PowerHA – at the expert level – doh! you want to be ‘Advanced Technical Expert’!).
2) deep AIX knowledge alone is not enough. You need to get the big picture and be interested in integration of everything that plays with AIX so this includes applications, storage, high-availbility, disaster recoveries, business requirements, a lot of experience of how everything interacts, etc. You need a lot of experience (years of them).

After my whole journey i can say that AIX and its surrounding ecosystem on Power is the most rock solid & mature piece of IT solution that i’ve ever worked with. There is not a lot on the market that can be compared to this solution, and this is the main factor why I’ve decided to take this route. Now, I’ll try to blog in future (if time permits) several interesting cases about Power Systems and AIX…


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