Linux RAID write intent bitmap / data-scrubbing

Post z dnia: 05/03/2007

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  • “A write-intent bitmap is used to record which areas of a raid component have been modifed since the raid array was
    last in sync. Basically, the raid driver periodically writes out a small table recording which portions of a
    raid component have changed. Therefore, if you lose power before all drives are in sync, when the array starts
    up a full resync is not needed. Only the changed portions need to be resynced.”
  • “When you have multiple copies of data, you can use data scrubbing to actively scan for corrupt data and clean
    up the corruption by replacing the corrupt data with correct data from a surviving copy.”

2 Responses to “Linux RAID write intent bitmap / data-scrubbing”

  1. David Duncan says:

    Your gentoo-wiki link is no longer valid.

  2. admin says:

    Updated, thanks.