Playing with long distance NFS replication/Disaster Recovery protection using Sun StorageTek Availability Suite

“Sun StorageTek Availability Suite, or AVS for short, is an OpenSolaris Community project that provides two filter drivers; Remote Mirror Copy & Point in Time Copy, a filter-driver framework, and an extensive collection of supporting software and utilities.

The Remote Mirror Copy and Point in Time Copy software allows volumes and/or their snapshots, to be replicated between physically separated servers in real time, or by point-in-time, over virtually unlimited distances. Replicated volumes can be used for tape and disk backup, off-host data processing, disaster recovery solutions, content distribution, and numerous other volume based processing tasks.”

Today I configured the following scenario:

DR for NFS servers

Both avs1 and avs2 nodes are running OpenSolaris Nevada build 65. It works great! Each of the nodes is running ZFS mirror on two disks. Also the AVS bitmaps should be RAID protected (for example using SVM). After the DR switch:

AVS was commercial project, but Sun decided to release it for free as a Open Source project, so enjoy!

Everyone likes screenshots, here you have one from initial sync:


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