AIX – first battle

At UnixDays conference I’ve talked with many people, they fascinated me with 
AIX - so I’ve bought  one RS/6000 machine ;) But as everyone knows – single system is borring. Maybe in next year I’ll build home HACMP laboratory… :]

Yesterday my first RS/6000 (7046-B50, CHRP, PPC 375 1MB L2 cache, rack) server appeared in my house. Then it started(keep in mind that this was my first look at this OS):

0) It seems that right serial com parameteres are 9600 8N1 for SMS

1) AIX was not installed, the firmware was outdated, chaning default boot order in SMS

2) trying to install AIX5.3 (with outdated firmware) – yeah, I know that this won’t work, but wanted to check what happens ;)

3) step “2″ failed ;)

4) updating firmware to the lastest one, reseting SMS to defaults, having lots of fun with OpenFirmware (getting familiar with this damn PCI logical tree) — and finally I’ve learned that space for O/F makes big diffrence, eg.

0> " scsi" select-dev ok

1> show-children ok

5) installing AIX again

6) ouch, some packages are missing on CD, google says that this is normal behaviour… hm (strictly speaking missing “devices.pci.ethernet” makes bad feelings…)

7)  the install halted after displaying missing packages stage? power off, power on, back to section 5

8) left install running on ”missing packages” stage

9)  finally AIX boots from SCSI drive! yeah! but why the heck install_assistant is not running? why i can’t login via console login?

10) … time passess … while having fun with rescue mode from CD and rootvg imported from internal SCSI id=2 drive ;) I love reading man pages… especially without less(1).

11) google says that I should be using real null-modem cable for serial login (full DTR,DSR & CD swapped). Hm, cisco null-modem  doesn’t work either. Damn, damn IBM!

12) back to 10

13) as i said - go back to 10 :)

14) TERM=vt100 smitty chdev seems not remeber RUNTIME & LOGIN console parameteres even without making them instant(just saving in OBM). Maybe it is altering CD’s OBM one ?

15) go back to 10

16) it seems that the sollution is to put some little script (i’ve called it / – remember to make it chmod +x !!) with persistent (-P) option to chdev for tty0 (adding clocal to RUNTIME & LOCAL tty0 settings, I’ve also put there chdev line to enable login on this damn tty0 console). I’ve also setup a root password for sure (don’t know is this necessary).

17) sync; sync; sync; reboot (this time test from real SCSI install)


19) # install_assistant - piece of cake, even if this is my first install…

20) everything would be great if my 100mbps IBM PCI ethernet card (internal one, this box has two of them) wouldn’t drop 30-60% packets. It seems it has auto-negotiated 100mbps FDX (info from switch, smitty, lsattr, …).

21) Having fun: altering TRANSMIT/RECIVE HW queues on ent0… nothing happens (same drops with ping -i 0.1 from linux box)

22) Temporary solution: forcing ent0 to become 10mbps HD.

23) Ha! Now I can telnet in without problems (without “connection reset by peer” type erros)
Screenshot from AIX (after telneting in)

24) Move this loud box from front of me to it’s own place: TO DEXTER’S LABORATORIES ( => basement ). Now, much better… I hate sound of SCSI drives :/

2 Responses to “AIX – first battle”

  1. Acid Plasm says:

    Ahh… The simple days of AIX. This is definitely the first of MANY battles

  2. admin says:

    Yup, actually a lot of them… since 2007 ;)