Oracle Database 12.1c released. Licensing gotchas

Accroding to Oracle® Database Licensing Information 12c Release 1 (12.1) there are some gotchas but also features which seemed pretty reasonable to be included in “basic” Enterprise Edition. The most interesting list for me is as follows:

  • Multitenant (CDB/PDB stuff) is additional paid option.
  • ILM/Heat Maps/Automatic Data Optimization belong to Advanced Compression Option
  • DataGuard Far Sync (semi bunker-site like SRDF/A* in EMC Symmetrix/VMAX solution) is licensed as follows: Far sync instances are part of the Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync feature, which requires an Oracle Active Data Guard license. (..) A far sync instance consumes very little disk and processing resources, yet provides the ability to failover to a terminal destination with zero data loss, as well as offload the primary database of other types of overhead (for example, redo transport). You would guess they charge additionally for the number of cores on the lightweight (in terms of storage capacity and CPU) proxy instance, WRONG! Here is is stated that The far sync instance can be installed and used on a server different from the server where the Oracle Database is installed and used. It is not necessary to obtain a separate license for the server running the far sync instance.
  • Oracle Flex ASM and Oracle Flex Cluster – this is a mystery to me
  • Oracle Clusterware may be used to protect any application (restarting or failing over the application in the event of a failure) on any server, free of charge. Oracle will provide support for Clusterware only if the server is running an Oracle product, which may include Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris, that is also under Oracle support.
  • There is also interesting statement: As of the release of Oracle Database 12c, network encryption (native network encryption and SSL/TLS) and strong authentication services (Kerberos, PKI, and RADIUS) are no longer part of Oracle Advanced Security and are available in all licensed editions of the Oracle database.- Finally! No excuses of not encrypting your sensitive connections! Wait… yeah, it means more CPU usage especially on the (Oracle) CPU-licensed side ;)

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