Brief description of work on my MAA challenge lab… #1

This picture below (click to enlarge) shows what I’m planning to deploy in my home lab in order to prepare better for OCP certification. It can be summarized as full Maximum Availbility Architecture implementation… Grid Control is being used to increase productivity, but I don’t want to integrate Oracle VM into the stack, just systems and databases:

MAA challenge lab

17/01/2008: Installation and fight with Grid Control on VM gc. Preparing VM linux template named 01_prac1 from which other machines are going to be cloned (simple as recursive “cp” in dom0).

18/01/2008: Installation & fight with Grid Control after I’ve dropped “emrep” database (main GC repository database). This happened while I was playing with cloned database “misc1″ from “emrep”. I didn’t read message while running “DROP DATABASE ..”  from RMAN and I’ve sent both to /dev/null, because the DBID was the same for the orginal one and the “misc1″ clone.  The primary reason was that I wanted misc1 cloned from emrep but it failed :) ). Did I say that I’ve also deleted backups? ;) After new, sucessfull fresh installation of GC, I’ve taken full backup (from XEN dom0) of 01_gc VM for future purposes. I’m starting to regret that I’ve haven’t used LVM in dom0 for snapshot/fast-backup purposes…

20/01/2008: Setting up 09_ora1 VirtualMachine from VM template 01_prac1. Installing single 11g database named “db1.lab1″ with dedicated tablespace & user for sysbench version 0.4.8 (0.4.10 doesn’t work with Oracle).

23/01/2008: Cloning ora2 from ora1. Changing hostnames, IPs (trick: the same ethernet MACs but on different XEN bridges, changes performed from console:)). Uninstalling Agent10g, vanishing db on ora2. Setting up DNS server on quadvm (in XEN dom0) for whole lab. Installing GC agent on ora2 – something is wrong… GC console doesn’t catch up new targets (primary I’m looking for “Host” component). Agent is itself discovered by GC…. starting from the beginning (rm -rf 08_ora2 :o ) and so on…
Finally got ora3 up running instead of ora2. Then it turned out that Laurent Schneider has blogged post about metalink note in which the procedure of agent removal is described. So finally I’ve got ora2 back in GC (with gc, ora1 and ora3).

Next step was setting up host prac1 as for single instance non-RAC ASM database “db3.lab1″. First  clusterware has been installed. I wanted to have it 32-bit version, because my future standby RAC hardware is only 32-bit capable but it appears that I would have to install 32-bit userland RPMs, so I decided to try in the long term 64-bit primary RAC with 32-bit standby RAC… Also Grid Control agent was installed on prac1.

24/01/2008: Raised RAM for 01_prac1 to 1.6GB from 1.2GB (due to frequent swapping occuring, I want my 11g memory_target for that fresh db3.lab1 database to be left at 450MB). Succesfull migration of ASM storage /dev/hde to /dev/hdi (simulating storage migration – thanks to ASM it is straightforward. I’m going to blog about it in my next post).

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